Restoring Fire's Role in Fire Adapted Communities

If you find yourself working in or with a community at risk from wildfire, it’s because fire is a component of the local ecosystems. This means that your community will be confronted with fire at some time, with the main variables being when, and under what conditions. This “when not if” scenario begs the following three questions: First, if fire is a reality, then doesn’t it make sense to embrace that reality on our terms? Second, can you truly have a fire adapted community without fire as a tool? Third, what will it take to incorporate good fire into our strategies for creating Fire Adapted Communities? In Austin we are confronting these difficult questions using the best available science, experienced and trained fire management resources, and most importantly through collaboration. This webinar will explore examples from Austin, Texas, where partners have successfully used prescribed fire to build on the concept of Fire Adapted Communities. Justice Jones will outline project goals, ecological objectives, critical partnerships, community outreach and education, technology and training, and lessons learned essential to the success of utilizing prescribed fire in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).

This webinar is a continuation of a webinar originally scheduled for November 2016 that was cancelled due to technical difficulties.

Created by Holly Campbell