Offer vs Serve in a Smarter Lunchroom

Can you implement the USDA's Offer vs Serve provision and be a Smarter Lunchroom? Absolutely! Tune in to this webinar to refresh your knowledge on Offer vs Serve and to hear answers to common questions regarding Offer vs Serve in a Smarter Lunchroom. This webinar is presented by:
  • Heidi Kessler, Executive Director, Smarter Lunchrooms Movement, Cornell University  
  • Kerri Link, Review Administrator, Colorado Department of Education, Office of School Nutrition
Learning objectives:
After this webinar participants will be able to:  
  • Describe the USDA Offer vs Serve Guidance for School Meal Programs
  • Implement Smarter Lunchrooms strategies while maintaining Offer vs Serve
Instructions for Joining:

Click the link above to join the webinar. Once you have entered the WebEx Room, select your preferred audio option. You may either join using your computer's audio or receive a call from the meeting to a mobile or landline phone. During the webinar your microphone will be disabled so that only the presenter and host will have speaking privileges.

Created by Katherine Baildon