Placemaking MI: Placemaking as an Economic Development Tool

The webinar will cover:

  • Description and History of MiPlace Partnership
  • Placemaking
  • Curriculum
  • Placemaking Guidebook
  • Rural placemaking
They will include a case study from Michigan on Placemaking that has potential for use everywhere. We will run through why this program was needed in Michigan, what has happened, and how it evolved.  A focus will be on what it has produced, specifically the education curriculum that has been delivered all over Michigan, and the book Placemaking as an Economic Development Tool, A Placemaking Guidebook.

Presented by:
Kurt Schindler
is the MSU Extension Distinguished Senior Educator in Government and Public Policy for the western and northwestern parts of the Lower Peninsula. His work with MSU Extension has focused on land use (planning and zoning) with specialization in right to farm act/urban agriculture; property rights; due process; wind energy; public participation; joint planning act; form based code; development in the new/global economy; placemaking; land division act; government fiscal sustainability; and water protection (ground, surface water, and wetlands).

Mark Wyckoff serves as Sr. Associate Director of the Land Policy Institute and Director of the Planning & Zoning Center. His research interests include: regional economic development, place and placemaking, land use law, legacy cities, intergovernmental service delivery and consolidation, the transportation and land use connection, and the nexus between environmental protection and economic development. He has helped the Michigan legislature consolidate laws related to local planning and zoning and advised on many draft state policies and legislation. He is the author or co-author of nearly two dozen best practices guidebooks and training programs for local government officials and various stakeholder groups.

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