Successful Saving Techniques: Insights from Behavioral Economics Research and Beyond

What makes some consumers better savers than others? This webinar is designed to present state-of-the-art research findings about savings behavior and saving money. We’ll focus on insights gained from the behavioral economics literature, as well as literature more broadly. We’ll also cover some current statistics about saving, and help you find information about saving behavior in your own state or community. Finally, we’ll focus on strategies that are especially applicable to young savers – those new to the workforce. Our panel of experts includes:

Dr. Becky Smith, Director, Extension Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy, Mississippi State University. Why it’s hard to save: insights from Behavioral Economics

 Dr. Cäzilia Loibl, Associate Professor and State Specialist, The Ohio State University. Nudges: Small changes that can help overcome biases

 Dr. Lauren Jones, Assistant Professor and State Specialist, The Ohio State University. What the research shows: Nudges that work and those that don’t

 Khurram Imam, Program Instructor, Financial and Homeownership Education, Michigan State University Extension. Tying it all together: Using behavioral insights in financial education

Created by Laura Hendrix