Global Thinking, Local Programming: U.S. Cultural Context: Diversity & Inclusion Issue Corps

Continuing the conversation after the Diversity & Inclusion Designathon, Renee Pardello, Assistant Dean of the University of Minnesota Extension, will lead us through a session looking at why we need to be thinking globally, so that we can effectively program locally. 

Specific goals include:

  • Understanding the value of global dynamics and cultural knowledge

  • Examples to better understand the interplay how global realities affect us locally

  • Understanding changing and projected demographics of the US

  • The history and current efforts in internationalizing the Cooperative Extension System to improve work efforts abroad and domestically.
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Although this session has a specific focus the content may be applicable and interesting to others who are welcome to join.

Created by Ashley Griffin


Will the presentation slides and resource links be made available here as well? Thanks.

Thumb_jerry_buchko_351x351 Jerry Buchko

12 months ago

This was a terrific presentation and I highly recommend it.  So many data visualizations--I can't wait to use the resources to enhance my local programming.  Thank you!

Thumb_headshot Kathryn Macomber

12 months ago

Glad you enjoyed it, Kathryn. Renee made that data come to life! It was a good follow up for the data visualization webinar.

Avatar_placeholder LuAnn Phillips

12 months ago

I can not attend but do want to "follow" this

Avatar_placeholder Anne Zander

12 months ago

Anne, the recording link should become available on this page later today. 

Avatar_placeholder LuAnn Phillips

12 months ago