Spice it up! Putting Together a Low-Sodium Flavor Station in the School Cafeteria

This presentation is designed to provide attendees with practical, easy tips for putting together a low-sodium flavor station in the school cafeteria. Extension members, food service professionals, and other program leaders can play an important role in educating children about healthy low-sodium food choices by creating innovative flavor stations that feature fun and tasty low-sodium spiced foods. Join Shirley Vouris, RD, LDN, of the Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion to learn how to use behavioral economic strategies to promote lower sodium options in schools. Put your creativity glasses on and learn about adding a flavor station in the cafeteria that gives kids a choice to enhance the taste of their foods with less sodium.

Participants will learn:
  • Why people crave salty foods
  • Where to find new and relevant info on ways to reduce sodium with minimal change to students' food experience or choices
  • How to identify ┬áresources for starting a low-sodium promotion in your school


Shirley Vouris

Created by Katherine Baildon

Primary Audience: Not Set