Want more diversity? Work Out Loud: Diversity & Inclusion Issue Corps

It's easier than ever for us to reach and engage people - colleagues, constituents, and possible collaborators. But do we know the best ways to do that? Are we in the habit of doing it?

This talk will walk through a simple method for building relationships related to your work and your goals. Through deliberate practice over a period of weeks, you'll access more people, knowledge, and possibilities. The sense of empowerment and connection you'll develop can make you better at what you do - and help you enjoy it more each day.

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John Stepper, author of Working Out Loud, will lead us through this discussion.  John helps organizations create a more open, collaborative culture - and helps people access a better career and life - by spreading the practice of Working Out Loud.

Working Out Loud is an approach to goals that helps you build relationships that matter, enabling you to better enjoy each day while gaining access to more possibilities. His book, Working Out Loud, teaches people the approach, and a simple 12-week peer support process enables anyone to build a network toward a goal they care about. Working Out Loud Circles are now in over 20 countries, and in organizations ranging from banks to manufacturing to universities to government offices. He described the spread of Circles in his recent TEDx talk, Working Out Loud: The making of a movement.

John writes about work and life every Wednesday & Saturday at


Created by Ashley Griffin