NAEPSDP Webinar: An Assessment of the Programmatic Level of Extension Agent Work in Virginia

In 2015, 47 percent of Virginia Extension Agents had less than four years of experience. In order to address the lack of experience issue, Extension Administration formed District Program Leadership Teams (DPLT) for the four districts in the state. Each team consisted of six agents with two each from the Agriculture, 4-H, and Family and Consumer Science programming areas. These agents were charged with the duty of training new agents on how to conduct sound programming in their communities and to help all agents hone their programming skills. In essence, DPLT members were charged to be Extension Agents to the Extension Agents. This assessment was completed by the DPLT to better understand how agents are programming. This presentation will overview the purpose of the assessment, the methodology used to complete the assessment and the results of the assessment. A full report of the assessment can be found at the link below.

Created by Mark Locklear