Reducing Aquaculture Species Mortality

The webinar date has changed, it is now on Wednesday, May 10 @ 12:30 PM ET. The salmon mortality rate continues to increase—as much as 30% higher by some accounts—resulting in significant economic losses to salmon producers. Much of this loss is attributed to fish health. However, a new innovation—Cosajaba oil—that exploits the uropygial gland in birds to promote survival and growth of Atlantic salmon is showing promising results. The effect of Cosajaba oil on the stress-tolerance, for example, temperature stress, hypoxia, handling stress, may have applications to other aquaculture species including walleye, perch, and rainbow trout. In this webinar, hosted by John Mann and the NCRCRD, Dr. Jake Olson discusses the science behind and applications of this innovations.

More about the science of the innovation and its development:

The avian uropygial gland, often referred to as the preen gland, is located dorsally at the base of the tail and contains a variety of bioactive lipophilic compounds. In a rodent model of autoimmune arthritis, a crude extract of the preen gland (Cosajaba oil) mitigated the progression of chronic joint inflammation when compared to plant-based control oils in a diet composition. As a variety of aquaculture fish species forgo health due to antigen- and stress-induced inflammation, we tested whether dietary Cosajaba oil could translate improved health into increased growth in several aquaculture species. Results of our preliminary trials prompted us to further investigate the effects of dietary Cosajaba oil on the stress-tolerance (i.e. temperature stress, hypoxia, handling stress) of additional aquaculture species including walleye, perch, and rainbow trout. Results of these trials suggested a novel application in promoting the growth and survival of Atlantic salmon; therefore, we are currently investigating the effects of cosajaba oil on the growth of larval, juvenile, and adult Atlantic salmon, as well as tolerance to stress associated with the salmon smoltification process.



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