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Feedback from the ESP Global Relations webinars from 2016 indicated that participants were interested in identifying people who have conducted international Extension work so that they can learn from each other. In the process of finding how this could be done, we identified the work that Renee Pardello is doing as part of the CoP “Internationalizing Extension” and through the University of Minnesota. Renee will describe her work, especially the “international database” and demonstrate its use. Bring your ideas about how to get more extension colleagues connected through this resources and how to expand the use of the database.

Workshop Presenter: Renee Pardello, Assistant Dean for the University of Minnesota Extension and Endowed Chair for the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture.

Renee provides leadership and support in achieving diversity and inclusion goals and supports global initiatives. Current efforts include a new online civil rights training and the development of a Community of Practice focusing on integrating global dynamics and cultural knowledge into Extension’s programs to better respond to increasingly diverse and interdependent domestic and global needs for USDA/NIFA Center for International Programs. She led the Morocco Rural Leadership Program bringing together UMN and Moroccan faculty to co-design and teach a leadership development cohort program for male and female farmers. Renee also co-chairs the American Indian Task Force, is the principal investigator for the Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program.

Facilitator: Beth Claypoole, Chair of the Global Relations Committee for ESP

eXtension and Internationalizing Extension

Renee Pardello, University of Minnesota


Elizabeth Claypoole, Renee Pardello

Created by Mark Locklear

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals