Outcomes and Impacts: Giving Programs Focus for Evaluation: Diversity & Inclusion Issue Corps

The purpose of this webinar is to look at taking big ideas for new programs and moving toward evaluation efforts with the use of outcomes. Using the Logic Model, we will explore how the planning for evaluation builds from the ideas, purpose and expectations of your program. With a comparison of outcomes and impacts, we will take a look at some examples and give opportunities for attendees to practice via the chat. With the outcomes, we will look at developing and implementing program evaluation questions.

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Julie Huetteman is the Coordinator for Extension Strategic Initiatives at Purdue University. Her role involves working with faculty, specialists and educators on planning, evaluating and reporting outcomes and impacts toward Purdue Extension’s strategic plan.

Although this session has a specific focus to the eXtension Diversity & Inclusion Issue Corps the content may be applicable and interesting to others who are welcome to join.

Created by Ashley Griffin