Creating Space in Extension #EdTechLN TweetUp

Is it a coincidence that the EdTechLN will be hosting a Tweetup about creating space in Extension on the unofficial Star Wars day #Maythe4th [be with you] May 4, 2017? What on Earth will we be talking about?
This Tweetup was inspired by Jamie Seger’s tweeted question, “Are creation spaces critical to Extension work?”

What do you think? Is creating personal, professional, and collective spaces in Extension critical to our work? Let’s explore how Extension professionals are finding the time and space to nurture these personal, professional, and collective spaces.  
Join the #EdTechLN and #NetLit moderators, Steve Judd, Bob Bertsch, and Karen Jeannette on #Maythe4th, 2017 @ 2 pm ET. Come ready to share your inklings and Earth-shattering ideas about how we create these spaces in our Extension work.  

P.S. Don’t be shy about wearing your favorite Star Wars shirt or sharing your favorite Star Wars scene to set the stage for a earth shattering discussion!


Bob Bertsch, Karen Jeannette, Stephen Judd

Created by Beth Raney

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals