Fostering Meaningful Civic Engagement

Engaging community members to help address important issues is both rewarding and impactful.  But doing this well takes considerable time investments and skill development.  Is the investment worth the return?  What are the potential risks to engaging and also to not engaging?  This webinar will explore these questions as well as showcase recent investments in civil dialogue by the first ECOP Rapid Response Team.

Although this session has a specific focus to the eXtension Diversity & Inclusion Issue Corps the content may be applicable and interesting to others who are welcome to join.

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Rachel Welborn is the Program Manager for the Southern Rural Development Center, which serves the 13 Southeastern states.  She has devoted over fifteen years to helping communities face difficult community issues through a combination of facilitation, strategic planning, education, and grant writing.  Her current responsibilities fall within the realms of fostering civic engagement, facilitating regional planning initiatives, and strengthening capacity of communities around challenging issues such as poverty.   She co-authored Turning the Tide on Poverty, a community-based civic dialogue process, and is serving on the national leadership team for the Stronger Economies Together program.  She is certified with the International Association for Public Participation.

Created by Ashley Griffin

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals