Writing About Research: Think Clarity!

The key to communication is clarity. Yet many authors struggle with clearly conveying methodologies, findings, and relevant implications when crafting research briefs or other types of scholarly manuscripts. This webinar focuses on strategies for avoiding common clarity-related issues in scholarly writing—from obvious problems such as inadequate organization to more subtle errors such as impreciseness of language and omitted punctuation.

Although this session has a specific focus to the eXtension Diversity & Inclusion Issue Corps the content may be applicable and interesting to others who are welcome to join.

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Debbie Allen
has been editor-in-chief of the Journal of Extension since January 2016. Previously, Debbie worked as an Extension publications editor and an eXtension copy editor and in varied roles in the fields of publications and book editing, educational publishing, technical writing/editing, and journalism. A strong believer in the mission and values of Extension, she is passionate about assisting outreach professionals in improving their scholarly writing.

Created by Ashley Griffin

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals