An Online Roundtable Discussion of the State of Program and Staff Development in Extension

This session will focus on the state of program and staff development in Extension. Specifically, we will discuss such items as:

How is PSD work done in your institution?
How has the work you do in PSD changed in recent years?
What are the biggest challenges you face as a PSD professional?
What tools do you need to help you do your PSD work more effectively?
How do you see the work of extension PSD professionals changing in the future?

This will be an open discussion session. We will encourage your participation and feedback. This session will serve as a lead-in to our face-to-face conference in December.

Sponsored by NAEPSDP (National Association of Extension Program and Staff Development Professionals).

We’ll see you on October 5th.


Scott Cummings, Debra Davis

Created by Beth Raney

Primary Audience: Not Set