Issue Corps: Project-to-Project Network Sessions

You enjoyed meeting and interacting with other projects in Cincinnati...let’s keep that energy going...and reconnect you with the folks you met there.  These networking sessions will give YOU the chance to share what’s been happening since February and get ideas and suggestions from your peers.  The more you talk about what you’re doing and the more you allow others to react to that...the better!!!

We’re hoping you’ll tell your peers:

  • What more you need as you move forward

  • What you’d like to share about your project thus far

    • What’s worked well

    • What’s still lacking

  • Lessons learned

  • How you’ve shared your project at home

  • What impacts you might be seeing at this stage

  • What’s been most helpful to you


Remember...these sessions are for YOU to interact with YOUR peers...your fellow Corps members!!!


Join us!!!!



Terry Meisenbach

Created by Terry Meisenbach

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals