Fire Prevention Education Teams: Lessons Learned from the 2016 Appalachian Wildfires

During the Fall of 2016, several southeastern states experienced significant wildfires due to a severe drought and an increased frequency of human-caused wildfires. To address the growing severity of the situation, a multi-state fire prevention strategy was coordinated by an interagency Fire Prevention Education Team (FPET).  Working with state and local partners, FPETs reduce unwanted human-generated fires through various activities such as risk assessments, community awareness and education, coordination between the public and organizations/ agencies, and much more. Using multiple media outlets, 32 FPET personnel reached an estimated 6.68 million people, saving potentially $11 million in damages and suppression costs. This hour long webinar will describe the unique methods employed to reach six of the states affected by the fires, including consistent messaging, a multi-media campaign, coordination, attracting participation by musicians like Dolly Parton, and the many lessons learned.


Paul Gellerstadt. Cooperative Fire, All-Hazard and Prevention Program Manager, US Forest Service Southern Region

Terri Jenkins, Fire Management Specialist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Okefenokee NWR. httpssslgstaticcomuiv1iconsmailimagescleardotgif 

CEU Credits (pending approval): 

Society of American Foresters, NY Logger Training, Georgia Master Timber Harvester


Created by Holly Campbell