Would you choose an alternative landscape? Understanding the effects of visual appeal and maintenance requirements

Presenter: Hayk Khachatryan

It is well documented that in the past several decades, urban sprawl in the U.S. has substantially increased the area of extensively landscaped residential areas. Previous research showed that Florida homeowners consider well-maintained urban landscapes as positive socio-economic conditions.

However, the tradeoff that many homeowners do not consider (or are not aware of) is that improper landscaping practices may result in adverse environmental consequences, which will negatively affect the quality of Floridians’ lives over long term. Although alternative landscapes have the potential to improve natural resource conservation, maintenance requirements and curb appeal attributes are two major considerations that influence homeowners’ preferences and choice decisions.

In this workshop, researchers will discuss how homeowners visually examine different landscape designs (using eye tracking equipment) while providing ratings of perceived maintenance and visual appeal of such landscapes. Main determinants of Floridian homeowners’ demand for sustainable landscapes will be summarized.

Created by Emily Eubanks