Pilot Your Ideas for Digital Technology in Food Systems

What gaps or needs are there in your local food system which could be solved by an online organized network, database, or mobile application?

Digital Green, a global agricultural development organization, has an interest in helping Cooperative Extension, through working with eXtension’s Impact Collaborative process, to provide solutions in this area.

How can we strengthen Extension services in the United States by applying digital technologies to address challenges with information access, commodity aggregation, transport services, and data collection and analysis for farmers and extension agents?

Digital Green would like to work with you to help develop and pilot some digital solutions to the challenges you see in your local food system.

Join us for a webinar on Nov. 14, 2017 at 2:00-2:30 eastern. Jennifer Cook, eXtension Digital Green Fellow, and Karin Lion, Digital Green’s Director of Global Agricultural Strategy, will describe and explore this exciting opportunity.

Please bring your program ideas and questions, and be prepared to share them. 

For more information about Digital Green, watch a video overview at

More information on eXtension’s Impact Collaborative:


Jennifer Cook, Molly Immendorf

Created by Molly Immendorf

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals