Learn about the Food Systems Impact Collaborative

The Impact Collaborative (formerly the Issue Corps program) was formally launched at the 2017 National Extension Directors and Administrators (NEDA) meeting in early October. We are excited to announce that the 2018 Food Systems Impact Collaborative will soon be accepting applications!

Join us for an informational webinar on the Food Systems Impact Collaborative on November 2, 2017 at 2:30 EDT. This 30 minute session will describe the IC process and next steps if you are want to apply.

Presenter: Melanie Weir, eXtension Food Systems Fellow


Melanie Weir, Molly Immendorf

Created by Molly Immendorf


Can't make it on Nov 2 but can watch when it's archived. thanks.

Avatar_placeholder Stephanie Polizzi

3 months ago

I am looking  forward to this.

Avatar_placeholder Tammy Fletcher

3 months ago

I think I registered...

Avatar_placeholder Karla Kean

3 months ago

Yes, you are registered!

Thumb_profile_pic Molly Immendorf

3 months ago

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals