Open Data and CGIAR’s Big Data Platform

Open data is increasingly becoming a priority and requirement from funders like Gates Foundation, NIH, NSF and other federal agencies. Some universities have created systems for compliance such as maintaining repositories under the direction of the university libraries while others have left compliance up to the researchers. Some faculty upload their research data to journal repositories or to discipline specific data sites.

One of the reasons for sharing data openly is that research and innovation can be enhanced and hastened by sharing and using data. However discovery of relevant and new data can be a problem.

CGIAR (formerly the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research) is developing a Big Data Platform aimed to accelerate and enhance the impact of international agricultural research by enabling researchers to discover, analyze and visualize agricultural data on a large scale to generate rapid, actionable insights. A key aspiration is to build and nurture partnerships across CGIAR Centers and a variety of external partners to deliver effective data management, analytics and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) focused solutions to target geographies and communities.

This webinar, presented by Medha Devare, Senior Research Fellow and Module Lead, CGIA Big Data for Agriculture Platform, will focus on the need for a culture that values data as a product in itself with global public good potential, and targets efforts towards best practices to managing and making it widely available following FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data principles. An infrastructure is conceived as a crucial need to enable the discovery of research resources across interoperable repositories and platforms, coupled with tools for seamless analysis and visualization; a pre-alpha version of some of these functionalities will be demonstrated as a preliminary value proposition.

The webinar on open data and CGIAR’s Big Data Platform is scheduled for Noon Eastern (U.S.) on November 16, 2017.  Register in advance for this webinar: 

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More information on CGIAR Big Data Platform can be found 

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