Let's Talk about Race

Event starts: Tuesday, November 28 at 2:00 pm EST

Event ends: Tuesday, November 28 at 3:30 pm EST

Location: https://extension.zoom.us/meeting/register/9ece0e90c6ec0eb3dc2040ba88984b7b

How do our patterns of thinking and our shared history influence the way we lead and work? Using personal stories and case studies, we will introduce and examine race, white privilege, structural racism, internalized racism, bias, color blindness, intersectionality, and white fragility to foster a personal reflection and collective conversation about race as a key element in the work we do as Extension.

How we work, whether through audiences we engage with, shaping programs and practices, or sustaining cultural norms internal to Extension may yield inequity among diverse community members and be informed by unconscious/unrecognized bias. This webinar will present research to help you understand how these systems have developed throughout history and discuss strategies to foster a genuine conversation about race that works towards equity for all participants and employees.

This is not your typical webinar! Rather than attendees passively watching presenters, this will be a fully interactive learning event where attendees will engage with presenters as well as other attendees with live audio and video. Use this test link from Zoom to test your systems ability to connect to the meeting interactively. Please come prepared to learn, reflect, and engage with others in conversation via Zoom Breakrooms.  If registering for the webinar, please read this short piece by Peggy McIntosh prior to the webinar.

This session is presented by Fernando Burga, Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and Eriks Dunens, Statewide Extension Educator in Leadership and Civic Engagement.


Eriks Dunens


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Created by Shalyse Iseminger


Primary Audience: Extension Professionals