Selection and Propagation of Native Woody Plants for the Intermountain Area

Utah State University Learn at Lunch Webinar

This webinar will discuss efforts at Utah State University to select and propagate superior accessions of native woody plants. It will introduce the use of native plants in landscaping, including some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with them.  There will also be in-depth discussion on selection and propagation of bigtooth maple, mountain mahogany, and pinyon pine.

Larry Rupp is a professor in the Plants, Soils, and Climate Department at Utah State University where he teaches horticulture.  He is also Extension Specialist for landscape horticulture where he works primarily in the area of landscape water conservation and specifically on selection and propagation of native plants for use in water conserving landscapes.  He is also director of the Center for Water Efficient Landscaping at USU and currently leads the Masters of Professional Studies in Horticulture degree program emphasizing water efficient landscaping.

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Primary Audience: Other Professionals