eXtension Critical Success Factors and Metrics National Discussion

Please join us for one of three national discussions on a set of Critical Success Factors and Metrics (CSF/M) that eXtension is proposing. Identifying these CSF/M is one of the milestones in eXtension’s 2011-14 Strategic Roadmap. The purpose is to provide a concise set of CSF/M that represent what eXtension is about, what can be reasonably documented and reported, and the added value eXtension brings as a resource to the Cooperative Extension System (CES). The proposed CSF/M were developed by eXtension staff with review and input from a CSF/M Task Force including Extension Director/Administrator representatives from each of the five CES regions, a NIFA representative, and the chair of the eXtension Governing Committee. The focus of each session will be to review the CSF/M and to invite input from all CES personnel. There will be three 60 minute sessions on October 20, 24, and 26. We do hope that you will be able to participate in one of these three sessions to see the CSF/M we are proposing and provide your input!


Michael Lambur

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