Supporting Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development in Extension

"Supporting Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development in Extension" features Pattie Carroll, Anne Clarkson, and Maggie Kerr, three University of Wisconsin - Extension colleagues. They will discuss how information about parenting and child development helps buffer parents from stressors and support parenting behaviors that promote secure attachments in children. They’ll share several examples from Extension and other sources of how to promote the knowledge of parenting and child development with families.
This is the third webinar in the University of Wisconsin - Extension Family Living Tech Talks' 2017-2018 Series "Protective Factors in Extension” which will take an in-depth look at the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework and Family Living/Extension's role in supporting each factor. Tune into this ongoing series of four webinars to learn more about the interrelated topics of ACES, protective factors, and our local responses. You can also view the archive of the first webinar and the second webinar.


Anne Clarkson

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Primary Audience: Extension Professionals