White Satin Moth in the Lake Tahoe Basin, Current Conditions

Utah State University Learn at Lunch Webinar Series:

Gene Phillips, Forest Health Specialist, Nevada Division of Forestry

This presentation of the White Satin Moth in the Lake Tahoe Basin covers the current levels of infestations of the current outbreak. This includes a brief history of the infestation since 2011, the current infestation and mortality rates as well as the problems local land managers are facing. This webinar will also include current monitoring, and potential land management practices for the next year, including a biological insecticide project using BTK to control the moth. This infestation is currently is most prevalent in the Nevada Lake Tahoe State Park. This non-native pest has as moved onto lands managed by the USFS in the Lake Tahoe Basin, and into northern Nevada as far as Elko.

Created by Megan Dettenmaier