The National Extension Web-mapping Tool (NEWT)

The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, Virginia Cooperative Extension, and the Virginia Tech Center for Geospatial Information Technology collaborated through an eXtension Innovation grant to create the National Extension Web-mapping Tool (NEWT). The goal of NEWT is to help people throughout the Cooperative Extension System (CES) more effectively use spatial data to make programming and strategic planning decisions.

NEWT is designed to be user-friendly for CES staff who have no Geographic Information System (GIS) experience, but will also be useful for those familiar with GIS. NEWT provides relevant spatial data at a variety of scales (national, state, county) in a variety of formats (maps, tables, graphs) which can be useful from the standpoint of a single county, an entire state, and across typical CES boundaries on a regional or national level. This webinar will explore the rationale and approach behind the development of NEWT, will demonstrate how NEWT can be used today by CES staff, and will provide details about how to help guide the future of the NEWT.

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Shane Bradt, John McGee

Created by Shane Bradt