What's Bugging your Trees? Insect and Fungal Pests in Southeastern Landscapes

Urban landscape trees are under just as much a threat as trees in natural settings when it comes to insect and fungal pests. This webinar will cover the biology, identification, and management of several tree pests in the southeastern U.S. Native and invasive pests will be covered, with a focus on how they spread and what can be done to manage them. Ultimately, an integrated management approach is the most effective way to deal with pests in the urban landscape.

Speaker: Dr. David Coyle - Extension Associate in Forest Health, Southern Regional Extension Forestry

ISA and SAF credits applied for.

This webinar is part of the series, Understanding Urban and Community Forests: An Extension Webinar Series. To view all webinars in the series, click here

Created by Holly Campbell

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals