Leaf Spots, Scorches, and Wilts Affecting Southeastern US Deciduous Trees

Leaf spot diseases can ruin the look of deciduous trees in urban landscapes; however, they rarely are life-threatening for deciduous trees. On the other hand, vascular wilts and leaf scorch diseases will kill trees over time. Their symptoms can be confusing, so proper identification is needed to know which disease is affecting the trees. Often disease management options for urban trees are limited. In this webinar, Extension Agents will learn about disease management options for each disease.

Speakers: Dr. Jean Williams-Woodward - Associate Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Georgia

ISA and SAF credits applied for.

This webinar is part of the series, Understanding Urban and Community Forests: An Extension Webinar Series. To view all webinars in the series, click here

Created by Holly Campbell

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals