Leveraging your Link to Land Luxurious Livelihoods

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Topic summary: Will this webinar teach you the skills to become a mega-millionaire yacht owner? Probably not. But it will give you the tools you need to leverage LinkedIn to its full potential for networking and staying visible in the Ag. field. This webinar will cover both technical aspects of setting up and “fleshing out” your profile, as well as how to use your content and connections to build your network. This is a useful skill for everyone, but will be particularly valuable for those entering the job market.

Bio: Sarah Potts is a corn breeder with Corteva Agriscience™, the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont™ in Macomb, IL. Her primary focus is germplasm development and breeding of 108 RM corn hybrids, using both traditional breeding techniques and the integration of current molecular driven technologies. She previously worked as a corn breeder for the Dow AgroScience R&D station in Olivia, MN where she worked on 85-105 RM corn hybrids for 3 ½ years after completing her PhD, MS, and BS at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Sarah has been active in NAPB for over nine years, participating in the Education Committee, Early Career Working Group, and Grad Student Working Group.

Created by Chris Smallwood

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