Invasive Insects of Shade Trees: A 30 Year Perspective from Colorado

USU Forestry Extension and TREE Fund present this Learn at Lunch Webinar:

Dr. Cranshaw will discuss the ever-changing cast of new and invasive tree insects that have become issues in the Rocky Mountain States over the past 30 years.

Whitney Cranshaw is presently a professor and Extension Specialist of Entomology at Colorado State University. For the past thirty-four years he has conducted a broadly based program largely directed at questions involving arthropod pests affecting horticultural commodities in Colorado, including vegetables, shade trees, turfgrass and specialty crops. This has resulted in production of over 80 refereed publications and several hundred related to Extension and outreach. Among the latter include the books Bugs Rule! An Introduction to the World of Insects, Insects and Diseases of Colorado Trees and Shrubs and, just released, Garden Insects of North America, 2nd Edition.

Whitney Cranshaw maintains an active Extension presence throughout the state and region, engaged with programs that include Master Gardeners, arborists, turf care professionals, pest control operators, and vegetable producers. He particularly likes working with shade tree problems and presently has research projects that address several local tree health problems including thousand cankers disease of walnut, drippy blight of red oak, emerald ash borer, and neonicotinoid-resistant European elm scale.


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