2018 Public Issues Leadership Development Conference (pild) Orientation

This PILD Conference orientation session is for first-timers, as well as old-timers, who are interested in or will be attending the conference. The PILD Conference is sponsored by the Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP) as a Professional Development opportunity for the members of the seven member organizations of JCEP. The purpose of the conference is to provide leadership and advocacy skills to effect public issues by Extension professionals. In addition to keynote speakers with national recognition, the conference features breakout sessions with presentations by members who have demonstrated excellence in Extension program efforts in the area of Public Issues. Topics covered in the webinar will be a review of the PILD program and experience, introductions of some of the key speakers, and preparing for visits to federal congressional representatives and senators. The conference will take place in Arlington Virginia on April 8-12, 2018. For more information and registration details go to: https://jcep.org/public-issues-leadership-development-conference/pild-info-registration


Theresa Mayhew

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Primary Audience: Extension Professionals