A Wild West Tale: Debunking the Myth That Conservation Increases Rates

This presentation will share the results of the Tucson Avoided Cost Analysis done in 2016 by WaterDM, in conjunction with Tucson Water and Pima County and the Alliance for Water Efficiency. This avoided cost analysis uses baseline data from 1987, the height of Tucson’s per capita demand, and compares the current water use scenario to a hypothetical, non-conserving scenario. Data gathered from Tucson Water and Pima County Wastewater Reclamation include historical production and population data, system capacity, expansion costs and capital project terms. Overall rate impacts will be presented, along with the capital components of the projected rate increase, assuming no conservation. Importantly, these results will help Tucson Water and Pima County communicate the value of water and the financial benefits of conservation to rate payers. These results are unique to Tucson, but this avoided cost analysis can be utilized to help any community tell their water conservation story.


Candice Rupprecht

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Created by Adrea Wheaton

Primary Audience: Other Professionals