Financial Education Curriculum for an Arabic Audience

Discussion of Michigan State University Extension’s experience with translating DollarWorksII into Arabic for use by community agencies. Topics include money decisions, budgeting, income/savings, credit, insurance, and consumer fraud.

Presented by Khurram Imam.Khurram holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Psychology and is returning to graduate school in August 2018 to pursue Economics. Khurram has been with Michigan State University Extension for nearly 5 years, serving as an Instructor for the Financial and Homeownership Education team, an Innovation Counselor for the Product Center, and a planning member of the Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities program. Based in Detroit Metro/Ann Arbor area, Khurram facilitates classes and counseling in financial education, homeownership, entrepreneurship, and value-added agriculture business production.

Created by Laura Hendrix

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals