"We've Tried that Before" Live Stream Launch Event

"We've Tried that Before" is a book about working in Extension and includes contributions from Extension professionals from across our national system.

Inspired by the work of T.J. Talbert's “The Extension Workers Code,” the purpose of this book is to share wisdom from the trenches. The kind of timeless advice you can use in your everyday work and take with you into the future.

While Extension has been engaged in organizing information (i.e., fact sheets, journal articles, curriculum, policies, procedures, bylaws, and man­uals) for well over 100 years, how have we cared for the lessons learned that only experience can teach?
Because continuity of organizational wisdom is critical for the next generation of Extension professionals, the pages in this book are a collection of experiences, stories, and hard-won wisdom from 30 Extension professionals spanning 15 Land-Grant University with a collective 512 years of experience.

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Jamie Seger, Paul Hill, Bradd Anderson, Danae Wolfe, Daphne Richards, Dave Francis, Bob Bertsch, Hunter McBrayer

Created by Jamie Seger

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals