Translating Science: The Journey from Plant Breeders to Storytellers

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Topic Summary

Join us in the third and final 2018 NAPB webinar focusing on soft skills for plant breeders.

People will advocate for that which they understand. In a world of organic versus conventional, gmo versus non-gmo, natural and “hormone free” foods, consumers are very passionate on where and how their food is produced. It is important in science, technology and agriculture to connect our industry to business partners, customers and consumers to empower them to share our story and bring it to reality. This presentation will highlight some ways we as ag leaders can better communicate topics so that they are engaging and relatable to the public.  

Speaker Bio

Lara leads Science Communications in Monsanto's Plant Breeding Organization. Her passion surrounds translating science into exciting and understandable content for everyone to enjoy. Lara joined Monsanto in 2013 after graduating from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville with a master's degree in toxicology.

Created by Chris Smallwood