Targeting the Triple Threat: Invasive Winter Annual Grasses Symposium

Colorado State University, Bayer Corporation, Washington State University, UC Davis, Utah State University Forestry Extension, USFWS, USGS present:

Cheatgrass, Medusahead, and Ventenata: Ecological Impacts, Interactions, and Current Management

An in-depth management review of three invasive grasses in the Western United States

WEBINAR SYMPOSIUM: Wednesday, May 30, 2018, 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM

These invasive annual grasses are devastating western natural areas and rangeland, resulting in landscape-scale transformations in a cycle that favors further invasion.

Further Impacts include:

  • A continuous bed of fine fuel associated with an increase in frequency and intensity of rangeland wildfire

  • Significant reduction or elimination of desirable perennial species

  • Reduced forage quality for wildlife and livestock

  • Increased risks for wildlife and pollinator species

  • Resulting wildfires that are a threat to humans, wildlife, property, and infrastructure.

Speakers will address all of these points including a university/industry research update on current management tools for the triple threat.

Speakers: Matt Germino, USGS; Matthew Brooks, USGS; Roy Averill-Murray, USFWS; Lindy Garner, USFWS; Dr. Derek Sebastian, Bayer VM Stewardship and Development Team and Shannon Clark, CSU PhD Candidate; Dr. Scott Nissen, Colorado State University; Dr. Ian Burke, Washington State University, Ventenata Control; Dr. Corey Ransom, Utah State University; Tom Getts, UC Davis.

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Primary Audience: Other Professionals