California 4-H Embracing Diversity & Fostering Inclusion - Not an easy task!

California 4-H leads the largest 4-H Latino Youth initiative in the nation. The initiative started in 2015 when the California 4-H team set high total enrollment expectations and achieve parity for Latino, Black and Asian youth. In 2016, we started a pilot program in seven counties, focused in the Latino community and hired bilingual and bicultural program representatives in an effort to introduce 4-H to the Latino community, our initial goal was getting to know the community and offered new and innovative 4-H delivery modes, like afterschool programs and day camps. After two years, California 4-H has increase total enrollment by 38.7%, the participation of the Latino youth in California 4-H by 89.3% and the number of counties which achieved parity by 70%. During our presentation we will share our challenges and opportunities during our journey in an effort to motivate the audience to embrace diversity and foster inclusion in their 4-H programs.

Event Materials

Created by Adegoke Adetunji

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals