Reducing Tree (and soil!) Damage During Construction

USU Forestry Extension and TREE Fund present December's Learn at Lunch Webinar:

As the pace of urban development increases, urban greenspaces and in particularly urban trees come in direct conflict with bulldozers and backhoes.

With careful early planning and an understanding of how tree damage occurs, strategies for tree and most importantly soil preservation can allow for trees to coexist within the built urban environment.

Nina Bassuk obtained her PhD in Horticulture from then University of London, UK and is currently a professor and program leader of the Urban Horticulture Institute at Cornell University. She also sits on the board of the New York State Urban Forestry Council. Nina is co- author of 'Trees in the Urban Landscape,' a text for landscape architects and horticultural practitioners on establishing trees in disturbed and urban landscapes. A native New Yorker, Nina's has authored over 100 papers focusing on the physiological problems of plants growing in urban environments, including
improved plant selections for difficult sites, soil modification including the development of 'CU-Structural Soil' and improved transplanting technology. She is on the Technical advisory committee of the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) and works closely with municipalities to help implement best practices in urban forestry management. Nina helped to develop the Student Weekend Arborist Team (SWAT) to inventory public trees in small communities.

Image credit: Tim Tucciarone at the U.S. / Mexico Border;

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