Introduction to Google Docs for Workflow Management

Google Docs can be an effective tool for cross-collaboration for many tasks at different stages of work group activity, such as brainstorming, generating task outlines, managing simple or complex workflow (think: managing content development or event coordination). Sharable documents and features such as real-time text display make Google Docs a useful companion to phone conference calls, generating feedback, and sharing workflow updates with team members.

County, state, regional, and national workgroups are invited and encouraged to attend this professional development opportunity. Amy Hays and Karen Jeannette, eXtension CoP support will share experiences and provide ideas for...

* How Google Docs is suited for collaborative work in general
* Examples using Google Docs for workflow management
* Creating and uploading (technical pros/cons, uses)
* How and when to share
* Special and unique features (commenting, realtime collaborative writing)

Already using Google Docs? Please share examples of how you're using it.


Amy Hays, Karen Jeannette

Created by Beth Raney

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