Lessons Learned and Water Saved Through Metering Irrigation Water

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District is a wholesale water provider in Northern Utah that provides drinking water to a population of over 620,000 people, water for industrial uses, secondary irrigation water for residential and commercial properties and agricultural irrigation water. David Rice will present an update of what they have learned in the process of metering these connections. Up until 2010, the pressurized secondary irrigation water was unmetered and users were charged a flat rate for water allocated to their parcel.  In 2010, the District began to install meters and provide users with a monthly report on their usage in comparison to an estimated need based on parcel size and weather data.  The results have been significant in reductions considering prior to meter install there was no knowledge of use. Metering is now a top priority to be able to meet long term conservation goals and bring accountability to end users.

Created by Adrea Wheaton

Primary Audience: Other Professionals