Informational Webinar about MSU Extensions Farm Stress Summit

This 30 min webinar will give a brief overview of Michigan State University Extension's upcoming Farm Stress Summit.

Michigan State University Extension has developed the Farm Stress Management curriculum that provides two workshops and corresponding materials to help farmers and those who work with them learn techniques to manage stress and help those in need access resources.

Summit participants will earn a certificate allowing them to teach two flexible workshops in the curriculum:

  • Communicating with Farmers Under Stress. This is a 90-minute to full-day workshop designed for agribusiness professionals, loan officers, family members and others who directly interact with farmers on a regular basis. The workshop provides an overview of stressors for farmers and shares best practices for connecting farm families with resources. It looks at the current financial situation for farmers today. It also unpacks the detrimental impact of stress on the body and state of mind, providing information on how to recognize some of the signs of stress and suicide in the farming community, and how to connect people with resources they need.
  • Weathering the Storm in Agriculture: How to Cultivate a Productive Mindset. This curriculum covers tools, resources and information for farmers and their families to help them through difficult situations. This can be taught one-on-one or in a group setting of up to 100 people.
Please join this webinar for a brief overview and a Q & A regarding this summit.

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Primary Audience: Extension Professionals