Growing Lavender: A Curriculum for Growers

This webinar will provide an in-depth overview of a new self-paced online course for lavender growers. Many growers are diversifying their farms and turning to production systems that lend themselves to drawing upon natural amenities and/or instituting agritourism. Lavender farming is growing in popularity around the country, in part, for these reasons. This webinar will introduce attendees to a curriculum designed as a comprehensive introduction to lavender production for beginning growers. The curriculum also extends the opportunity for existing growers to learn from nationally recognized experts with sensitivity to regional diversity. The webinar will walk listeners through the curriculum topics and introduce a few of the lavender growers and experts who contributed their expertise and experience to this project.

Presented by: Seven Mattes is an Assistant Professor in the Anthropology Department at Michigan State University. Seven is the project manager for the new lavender curriculum soon to be launched and offered via MSU Extension and Wynne Wright is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Community Sustainability and Sociology at Michigan State University.  

This project is a partnership between, Michigan State University, Kansas State University and United States Lavender Growers Association (USLGA).

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