Reconcepttualizing Quali5y, Affordable Childcare as Public Utility

This webinar will present the results and findings of comprehensive needs assessments of access to quality, affordable childcare (AQACC) in select rural counties in Nebraska and Kansas. Leveraging these data, and exploring the family, child, and economic developmental perspectives, we propose reconceptualizing AQACC as holding the equivalent benefit to rural communities as that of public utilities (e.g. high-speed Internet, electricity, phone). Implications for community-level organization and action will be provided.

Presented by: Dr. Bradford Wiles, Kansas State University; Dr. Alison Brennan, Michigan State University; Dr. Holly Hatton-Bowers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Jessie Piper, Kansas State University.

To facilitate Q&A’s, participants submit questions/comments via the Chat Function in Adobe Connect.

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