Trees: A Risk Worth Taking (most of the time)

The evidence is mounting around the compounding benefits of the urban forest. We know trees in cities clean air and water, reduce energy demands, and improve the people's overall quality of life. Yet, tree failure may have serious negative consequences. So, how can we maximize the good and minimize the risk associated with trees growing in the built environment?

This presentation will explore:

·        balancing public safety with tree benefits,

·        how to assess tree risk,

·        the burden of tree risk on public and private tree owners, and examples of risk management.

Meridith McAvoy Perkins works as an Urban Forester and Missouri Regional Manager for Davey Resource Group. She has spent 20-years helping people across the country better understand, care for, and benefit from their community forests. As an ISA Certified Arborist, Municipal Specialist and qualified Tree Risk Assessor, Meridith works with clients to minimize the risk and maximize the benefits of trees. Before consulting with Davey Resource Group, Meridith served as the State Urban & Community Forestry Coordinator for the State of Utah and did a lot more backpacking in the mountains.

Created by Megan Dettenmaier


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Primary Audience: Other Professionals