The Salt Dilemma: Growing Better Urban Trees in Northern Climates

Can urban trees and city winter weather protocols peacefully co-exist? Join us for a discussion of the latest research findings related to successfully growing trees under these conditions. Dr. Andrew Millward will walk us through his investigation of the surprising decline and mortality of trees planted using soil cells in a recent urban revitalization project in Toronto. While the research suggested salt was the culprit, there were a number of other factors. The project opened a discussion about changes to the way we design and manage urban trees. Adam Nicklin will offer options to reduce salt damage to trees, and talk about the role landscape architects can play in helping the urban canopy thrive.

James Urban specializes in design of urban trees and soils, and has written and lectured extensively on this subject including his book ‘Up By Roots’. He is the recipient of the ISA - Award of Achievement and the ASLA Medal of Excellence for long-term contributions to the profession.

Dr. Andrew Millward’s scholarly, research and creative work has consistently upheld the goal of protecting and enhancing the urban forest through innovation, collaboration and excellence in engaging stakeholders on all levels, including students, the public, private organizations, non-profits and all levels of government. He is the recipient of the 2015 Ryerson University research award for Social Innovation and Action, which celebrates his accomplishments at the cutting edge of environmental public engagement with the goal of bolstering citizen interest in and protection of city trees. Dr. Millward is principal investigator for Ryerson University’s Urban Forest Research and Ecological Disturbance (UFRED) Group. He was inaugural director of one of Ryerson University’s newest undergraduate degrees - Environment and Urban Sustainability - and teaches courses in urban ecology, physical geography, quantitative methods, environmental decision-making, and sustainable urban neighbourhoods. Dr. Millward holds a Ph.D. in Geography from University of Waterloo, Canada and has been a research fellow and instructor at Cornell University and George Washington University, respectively.

Adam Nicklin is a principal and co-founder of PUBLIC WORK, a Toronto based design studio whose work focuses on the intelligent evolution of contemporary cities. Since founding the studio with Marc Ryan in 2012, PUBLIC WORK has strived to produce transformative works that invigorate the public realm, optimize and enhance the performance of urban and natural systems, and support public life by adding new layers of experience to the city. Working in the studio with a core team of designers from diverse backgrounds, PUBLIC WORK aims to explore and enhance the often hidden qualities of a site, to produce a transformed experience of even the most familiar places. Recent projects include the Bentway, a transformation of overlooked space underneath the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto’s west end; the landscape design for the new John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design; the revitalization of Capitol Park in Detroit’s historic district; and the Quayside District public realm vision for SIDEWALK Labs Toronto.

Thank you to Dr. Camilo Ordóñez and Justin Miron for their roles in making this presentation possible.

Created by Megan Dettenmaier


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