The What and Why of Extension Customer Relationship Management

The success of Extension is built on the relationships we have with our clientele, volunteers, stakeholders, and partners. These relationships are developed by multiple staff, over time, and are often not clear to other staff and decision-makers.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are a tool widely used by companies to track their interactions with customers and partners. CRM is also being used by Extension systems to keep track of their interactions with people, though the preferred term for the ā€œCā€ in CRM may be clientele or contact.

Join us to discover what CRM is and why Extension systems are implementing or considering it. The webinar will provide an overview of what CRM is, what features are most relevant to Extension, and how using it can help Extension systems maintain their clientele relationships.

A panel of Extension professionals will share their stories and answer questions from participants:

  • Paula Hudson, Computer Programmer / Analyst, University of Missouri
  • Greg Lindberg, Extension IT Specialist, Purdue Extension
  • Lucas Turpin, Director of Information Technologies, Oregon State University | Division of Outreach and Engagement & College of Agricultural Sciences


Stephen Judd

Created by Aaron Weibe


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Primary Audience: Extension Professionals