Developing an Innovator’s Mindset

When it comes to innovation, mindset matters. Your views of risk, failure, efficiency and creativity influence your approach to innovation. This session will focus on strategies and tools that can encourage divergent thinking, make failing normal, move away from the best practices model of thinking, and have fun while doing it. Be ready to think differently, and leave inspired and energized.

Presented by Bob Bertsch, North Dakota State University.  Bob lights up when he sees people come together as equals to work towards positive social change. After more than 25 years in communications, education and web technology, Bob has found a passion for building human relationships and networks to improve resilience, collaboration and innovation. He seeks and shares insights on weaving collaborative networks and on developing a culture of innovation through his work with North Dakota State University Extension Service, the Military Families Learning Network and as the host of the “Working Differently in Extension” podcast.


Bob Bertsch

Created by Laura Hendrix

Primary Audience: Extension Professionals