America Saves Challenge: Twitter Chat and YouTube Live

Our guests for the discussion on the YouTube Live (video chat) and Twitter chat include Dr. Barbara O’Neill, CFP® (Rutgers University), Dr. Laura Hendrix (University of Arkansas), Lindsay Ferguson (America Saves program), Jinnifer Ortquist (Michigan State University), Dr. Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head (South Dakota State University), and Sasha Grabenstetter (University of Illinois), who will moderate the online video panel.

General Instructions:

Log in to ( at 3pm EST on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Insert #eXASchat into the textbox that pops up so you can tweet easily and view the live Twitter stream

Create valuable content by answering questions about saving money.

Questions That We Will Discuss:

Q1.       What do you consider a periodic expense?

Q2.       What are some non-monthly expenses you have paid for recently?

Q3.       How do you find yourself paying for something without prior notice? (Savings? Credit card?)

Q4.       What’s the difference between an emergency fund and an unexpected expense?

Q5.       How do you minimize the impact of an unexpected expected expense to your budget/life?

Q6.        What strategies do you utilize the next time an unexpected expense comes?

Q7.       What are some positive periodic expenses?

Q8.       Should savings always be used to pay an unanticipated expense?

Q9.       How do you save money? What strategies work for you?

Q10.    What is your #1 savings tip or advice?


Sasha Grabenstetter, Barbara O'Neill, Laura Hendrix, Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head

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