Proposed Changes to Child Ag Labor Regulations

The Federal Department of Labor’s regulations governing young farm workers are less stringent than those governing youth working in non-agricultural jobs. Young hired farm workers are permitted by Federal regulations to operate equipment and machinery that their counterparts in other occupations are not. This is a reflection of the United States’ traditional respect for the family farm. Yet agricultural work can be one of the most dangerous occupations, particularly for adolescents. The Department of Labor has proposed revisions to the rules governing youth aged 14 and 15 who are employed on farms and ranches. This presentation will review the content of the proposed regulations, discuss who would be affected, and relate how to submit comments to the proposed regulations.

Claire Layman is a Public Policy Education Specialist at Michigan State University Extension. She focuses on agriculture and natural resources policy, and teaches civic participation processes to citizens and Extension educators. Prior to coming to Extension, Claire worked as a legislative analyst for the Michigan Senate and as a high school English teacher in Clarkston, Michigan.
Stan Moore is an MSU Extension Dairy Educator in the NW Lower Peninsula. Stan has area Dairy coverage for fourteen counties and also has a statewide role in Dairy Labor Management. Stan has been employed with MSU Extension for 20 years and has served out of Eaton County and Antrim County. Stan received both his MS and BS degrees from Michigan State University.


Stan Moore, Claire Layman

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